Symptoms before BFP


So i was one of the people that was searching high and low for symptoms everyone had in their TWW. I was driving myself nuts over analyzing every little thing. We TTC for 4 months. Opks, preseed, tracking every tiny little detail. On month 5 I was sick of the time, effort and massive amount of stress i was putting on myself. So we quit worrying and gave it to god. I did track with opks just so i could keep my app straight but only for a couple days. My goal was to give it a break and the new year we would throw ourselves back into it, full steam. I decided to randomly do a test 8 dpo and lo and behold a line popped up. Faint but it was there. Im now 5 weeks and not one tiny thing has been out of place to make me think im pregnant. Nothing sore, no food craving/aversions, no cramps, NOTHING. So i say this to all the ladies scouring the internet, just relax. Give it to God and enjoy the ride!