I’m just saying I don’t think I would have woken me up....

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So my hubby works full time while I stay home with our 4 yr old, 1 yr old and 8 yr old when she’s not in school, so when it comes to dealing with the kids middle of the night it’s normally me so he can get sleep for work. Well last night at 11:30 I’m sitting on the edge of the bed crying because I’m exhausted and my hips hurt, I’m overwhelmed and I can’t fall asleep. He’s aware of all of it since he’s laying right next to me. Well I think somewhere between midnight-12:30 I finally fell asleep, then somewhere around 1:30-2ish our 4 yr old had an accident and wet the bed. 😪 I apparently slept through her coming into our room and telling her dad to which he tells her to go take her clothes off and then wakes me up to have me go deal with it...like come on, it would’ve taken you 5 minutes to deal with it. So now I’m up wiping her down with baby wipes cause I’m not giving you a bath at 2 in the morning, stripping bed sheets off the bed, getting her dressed and making a bed for her on the living-room couch. Than off to attempt to go to sleep again. By the time I get laid down hubby is basically out again, snoring away while I get to toss and turn until 3:30 when I finally fall asleep. Now we’re both up, 7 am, him to get off to work, me to get our oldest off to school and I hear him say “man I’m so exhausted” like bro I will cut you in your sleep, you have no idea what the actual term exhausted means...😤

Okay sorry just needed to vent.