Worried about when my son is going to start talking..

My son is almost 11 months and isn’t a consistent babbler. He’s been on and off since he was 5 months but has always made sounds like screeching or squealing. And he’s in another one of his no babble phases. And I guess it’s making me anxious because he’s so close to one and my mil and sil are saying he needs to be saying 5 to 6 words by one. I feel like they are comparing him to my sil girls tho who have also been in daycare and around other ppl. I try to get my son out being I’m a stay at home mom at the moment but it mostly ends up being with adults. I convinced my pediatrician to let him get a speech evaluation and the pathologist is asking to see him twice a week but only so that he is getting out and able to socialize besides just me. I have been working on things she’s suggested along with reading like I had already been doing but I’m still worried he won’t talk... has anyone else had a late talker?? Sorry I just needed to vent out my concern