wrong diagnosis?! can someone give feedback?


so at 19w6d i had my first anatomy scan. im 18y/o, no insurance, paying out of pocket. baby was hyper as anything and would NOT sit still. Doctor told me he was either going to be a dwarf or has a lethal and rare case of skeletal dysplasia. I literally felt like giving up, like i did something wrong. Went back at 21w6d and they did it again. doctor ruled out dwarfism and certain dysplasias but says something is wrong.

1) he started showing me pictures of bones the u/s tech NEVER took of my baby, like bowing and "fractured bones"

2) babys cant fracture their bones in utero, they are surrounded by fluid and protected

3) HE KEEPS TRYING TO GET ME TO TERMINATE!!! he keeps asking me. its a christian hospital, hes not allowed to ask!

4) genetic testing came back perfect. so I think baby just wont grow up to be 6'2" like his daddy

he keeps trying to get every last penny out of me and take advantage of me because im young.

Has anyone else heard of this or had a family member go through it? blogs online said they had same thing happen and their baby was born perfectly fine...