workout routine/tww

Ashley • Hi!! My names Ashley Im 34 and have 3 daughters and im madly in love with my husband my whole fam has baby fever😀
i posted something about this yesterday i have a daily workout routine and im ttc and in my tww ive heard its just fine to do crunches etc. but i feel weird down there today and im getting REALLY light headed when im doing my squats i jump up then squat do it everyday bit today im getting soooo light headed i have to sit down and my lower abs feel tight and it may be do to my crunches but im still worried to those who workout are u 100% sure this will not affect my ttc process im 6dpo and boobs r sensitive not real bad tho and just a lil backache and tightness down there not saying im having symptoms cuz it could be af im due the 7th...i dont wanna not workout but i wanna make sure it is completely safe to do so thanks in advance ladiea xoxo