Multi-cultural marriage

Jessica • 29 years old, in love, and married. Mommy to Lucy born in March 2016. I am complete.
My husband is 100% Chinese and my family is from Ireland. We have had lots of hiccups in our relationship because of the huge cultural differences-- mainly the way his parents think things need to be done. We both "give a little" so it works out great for us. I think his culture is amazing and I embrace it fully. 
However... I do anticipate some issues arising when the baby comes. There's lot of customs to observe and the mil is very involved. It will be a challenge managing his family haha. Their intentions are always good but sometimes it's overwhelming. My husband backs me up fully but sometimes I feel like the bad guy. 
Anyone else have this challenge?  
Attached are some fun pics!! :) 
At our Chinese wedding 
Our family hosts a huge Chinese New Year celebration every year! 
Family and friends are always at our house cooking feasts