Relationship sucks.

My boyfriend lied to me 2 nights in a row.  First night he had to go "help his dad" left at 5pm right after work.  Barely answered texts and got home at 1am after going to the city not even his dad's.  Then last night he told me "grandpa had surgery I need to go see him" left at 5pm again this time on his bike. At 8 I realized no texts were answered I called his phone was off. So I messaged his grandpa, he said "he's not here, I told him do right thing, let me know when he gets home please" At 10 his phone turned back on.  He got here at 11. Won't tell me where he went, I've asked over 300 times since last night and he just says "i didn't cheat" if he didn't cheat he wouldn't of lied about going to grandpas and tell truth where he went.  Now he says Meijer and gas station. But had white animal hair everywhere and you can't charge your phone there. Also caught him saying "I've took so much oxcycotin, want some Valium?" I'm 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  Is it wrong for me for going to kick him out tonight? I need someone that ain't gonna lie. Also he told me "don't message my family they don't like you" 1. I was worried it's dark out. He's black wearing all black on a black bike. 2. That's where he said he was.