Super early positive today. How to tell the other half?!

So this afternoon I held on for 4 hours and tested. There was a faint positive I would only be around 8 or 9 dpo. I am very nervous but hopeful. This will be my third pregnancy.

*Trigger warning*

My first I was pregnant for a whole 35 weeks when my precious son was stillborn. And my second was just 4 months after that and was a 9 week miscarriage. We tried on my first cycle after the miscarriage.

I don’t know how I’m going to tell the other half. With the first I surprised him. The second I just shoved the tests (like 5 of them) in front of him. I kind of have a good feeling about this pregnancy.

We won’t be telling anyone for quite some time.

I know we will be getting the genetic testing done at 10 weeks for peace of mind. I’ll need it if this is a viable pregnancy.

Sorry for the rant. I have no one to tell. And just need some ideas on how to tell him.