36 weeks and 3 days measuring 33 weeks.


Hey yall. Quick question. I went into the doctors yesterday and got some goofy results. So I took my regular urine test. They found a trace of protien in my urine and 100 mg of glucose. I have had a trace of protien in my urine once at 29 weeks I believe. Never had glucose. My blood pressure was high but she retook it and it was fine after. Then I went to see my OB and they weighed me and I gained weight but when she measured my belly I only measured 33 weeks. She said if I am still measuring at 33 weeks next week she will order an ultrasound. Although I dont look like baby has dropped I know baby has dropped because I can breathe now and when my OB was feeling for him she even said "Oh he's really low isnt he?" Oh! And then she checked his heartbeat and that was at 130 BPM which has been normal for him. What is up with my child?! 🙃 Anyone have simillar results at 36 weeks?