TTC after miscarriage

Alex • Married. 27. TTC. Waiting on our rainbow baby 🌈 ❤️

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately last Monday I went in for my first ultrasound, I should have been 9 weeks and they told me I was either earlier than expected at 6 weeks or I had a missed miscarriage... they told me to watch out for bleeding. Well Wednesday I started spotting, went to the doctor Thursday and the ultrasound showed an empty sac 😭 so they scheduled surgery (D&C) for Monday... again my doctor told me to call if I experienced any heavy bleeding. So I wake up Sunday morning gushing blood, I mean I couldn’t change my pad fast enough, I had horrible clotting and bleeding, I went through 10 pads in an hour. I screamed bloody murder for my husband and he rushed me to the ER where I bleed into the floor before they finally got me into a room and gave me morphine and iv. Sunday was the worst experience I’ve ever had! They called my dr from out of town and gave me the surgery on Sunday because I was bleeding and clotting so badly. We had tried for a year and 8 months for that sweet baby we lost. I’m sad but I know everything happens for a reason. My question is how long after your miscarriage did you TTC again? The dr called me Monday and told me I also have a UTI. So I just can’t catch a break. The dr said 6 weeks but I’ve heard of people trying sooner. What’s your opinion?