Miscarriage vs Clot

So I've noticed that many of you guys are not sure when it's a miscarriage vs when it's a clot so being a medical professional myself and working with women everyday all day I'm here to clarify.ūü§ď

Clot: ‚óŹ It's usually not painful but the pain can vary from mild to medium to severe (it's not the same for everyone)

‚óŹThe size is generally small to medium though I have seen bigger once.

‚óŹThe bleeding is normal menstrual bleeding amount (depending on your usual flow)

‚óŹThe texture is also usually smooth and soft.

Miscarriage: ‚óŹ The size is usually bigger than a clot depending on how your body passes the fetus

‚óŹPain is usually quite intense but some women can experience mild pain and discomfort (depending on how far along you are, previous pregnancies, age etc.)

‚óŹBleeding is quite heavy for most women as in like fill up a pad in less than a hour or so.

But all in all I would seriously advise that you go to the ER if you suspect a miscarriage because better safe than sorry. I hope it helps some of you a little bit.. and please talk to your OB/GYN about these things and get advice from them and not just this app.