anyone else having a hulk baby?


Long post, but this momma is really excited!!!

We FINALLY got to meet our OB who will be taking over my prenatal care this week! He was completely amazing, and so much better than everyone we have been forced to see before him. We found out that our (not so)little boy is measuring in the 87% percentile and is already head down! I thought that the babies keep rolling around until closer to 30 weeks, but apparently not when they’re this huge? The baby’s arms are so long, they’re past his booty, the doctor couldn’t tell if they were fingers or toes at first!!! Then, from profile view, was able to see the baby’s boy parts! My boyfriend (HUGE marvel nerd) has been calling the baby Venom, because every ultrasound we have had so far the baby stares right at the monitor and (as many of you know) this is a little creepy to look at! We have seriously only gotten ONE good profile shot of the baby! Anyways, he said, in front of the doctor, that we should be calling the baby Thor, because he has a hammer. To which my wonderful OB responded with, “Well if he gets any bigger he will be the Hulk!” (Fingers crossed that he is stuck on call when I go into labor😂)

I’ve only gained 6 pounds so far, but the doctor is already cautioning me to watch my weight closely since the baby is the only thing growing! Is anyone else having a big baby with minimal weight gain? What are you doing to help keep your weight off? I’m well into my second semester & still have a crappy appetite, so I only eat a bunch every few days when I get a huge boost of energy to eat!