Chronic Lyme Disease


I have been fighting Lyme disease for 21 years. I experienced chronic pain through out my whole body, I easily picked up other illnesses, would have flu symptoms but don’t have the flu. As I got older, It became harder for me to breathe, I have abdominal pain, pain in my bladder, chest pains, abnormal heart rate, Nerve damage, joint pains, brain damage (memory loss, confusion, cognitive skills, emotions, hormone unbalanced), and i developed serve depression and anxiety.

I’m fighting an invisible illness in a world that isn’t aware of it. There is no defined cure, there is only a few doctors that understand the disease, and the internet only mentions that the disease if from a tick bite and can be treated with antibiotics.

The internet leaves out a lot of important information about Lyme Disease.

1. Lyme can be transmitted to your baby during pregnancy.

2. There are many co infections caused by Lyme. (Mold, yeast, ammonia, arthritis, POTS, MDD, tremors, etc)

3. Lyme has the highest suicide ratings than other chronic illnesses due to lack of hope.

4. It takes a minimal a year to be treated and cured by Lyme. But there is always a huge possibility of the Lyme coming back because the treatment didn’t kill all of it.

This disease forces me to isolate myself from the world because the world doesn’t understand. But I want to change that. I want to spread awareness and educate as many people as I can.