Anti-nesting rant

Tanz • I'm 28. Just have one boy. Pro-choice and anti negativity! Love is love!
I absolutely hate the term nesting. It irks me that anytime I need to clean, or organize people automatically assume it's because I'm pregnant. I live with two guys, one is my in-significant other and another one as a roommate. They are both total slobs. Because I'm in a high-risk pregnancy and have been sick most of the time, I haven't been able to clean the house properly for months on end. But the mess and the smell never seem to bother them. So anytime I get a good day I automatically clean. Now that there is baby stuff coming in, I have to figure out where to put that, wash clothes and generally get things in order. It's not that I particularly want to, it's that if I don't no one else will. Yet the second anyone hears that I'm cleaning they automatically tell me I'm nesting. I'm not nesting, I'm trying to get the cleaning that I would've ordinarily been doing anyways done. I have no compulsive desire to clean or organize. But someone has to do it. Just because I happen to be carrying a baby inside me while I clean doesn't mean I automatically need a label stuck  on me. It drives me nuts. 
Rant over😤