Should I feel bad?

I was with a guy for over a year and a half. He moved away to college a couple weeks ago. It was hard for us to maintain the relationship because he was "so busy". He would go all day without talking to me and not be bothered. It had been like this since before he left. He would sleep all day even if we had plans. He would ignore my texts. So we decided to "take a break" while he was getting used to being away from home. His college is 3 hours away. He doesn't have money to drive home very often so I would never get to see him. One of his best friends started talking to me and I got the vibe that he was into me. We went to eat with a bunch of friends and we rode to the restaurant together. After we got back to his car, we started talking and ended up kissing. Should I feel bad for moving on so fast? I put so much effort into my previous relationship and got nothing on return. I have been pushed to the point where I don't even care. Should I feel bad for moving on to his best friend? I asked both if it would be weird and they said no. I want to feel bad about it but I just dont. I may just be numb to the situation.