Mother in law problems

Adrian • Due March 23, 2016
I really do not want my MIL in the delivery room or my fiancé's sister. My mil is very rude to me and I believe she might be bipolar. Now my fiancé is a mamma's boy and he doesn't see when she is mean to me. I also don't want to hurt his feelings. When I told her that I was pregnant, she told me "I better be in the deliver room" it makes me so mad that she feels so entitled to everything about my pregnancy. Even my first US picture, she took from me and said she was keeping it. Now as far as the delivery room, she will definitely try to be the first to hold him or her and I know that she is very judgemental and she will tell the whole family about my birth experience. She is very against women who choose to get an epidural, I am not against it. I want to try natural but my point is, if anything goes wrong or abnormal when I give birth, she will tell the whole family it was my fault. (Example: she told me about my future SIL's birth and that it was her fault that her vagina tore while she gave birth.) Am I wrong for just wanting my mom and my fiancé in the delivery room and not his mom or his sister? I don't have a problem with his sister it's just that I DONT WANT TO HAVE MY NETHER REGIONS EXPOSED TO HIS WHOLE FAMILY. Again, problems arose when his sister was not allowed in my other SIL's delivery room. Why does this family feel like they need to be in the Fing delivery room for every Fing birth???

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