TTC, moms to be, and moms dying your hair?!

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Okay, so from what I've read it's pretty safe to dye your hair while TTC and possibly pregnant, or pregnant. I want to know if it's true from a personal perspective, not just google. I mean Google is great and all. Comes in very handy for lots but, I feel like this is just something you need more of a personal experience. My mom is a hair stylist BUT she has no idea we are TTC. We want it to be a surprise. She loves babies, and always talks about grandkids. So some people are like why wouldn't you just ask. It's not that simple with her. She gets so emotional with that stuff. ANYWAYS! Back to topic. How do you or did you feel about dying your hair with and through and while pregnant? I'm in the TWW. I just feel like it's going to be a positive. I mean I'm sure it's a lot of me being so positive as well, but besides the point what's your uptake on dying your hair. I know it's going to sound vein but. I have purple hair my natural color is dark brown. I'm a nursing student. I do have to dye my hair before clinical so I want to make sure I'm 1000000% safe and not going to ever harm anyone in the now or future?! Sorry in advance for the long post, getting off topic. And possibly the wrong group! Thanks