I want more.

I am horny all the time,
But I can never get my boyfriend to have sex with me.
And when I do it's usually the same thing all the time.
And when we do have sex it seems like all he is worried about is getting himself off,
He doesn't care if I get off or if I even enjoy it.
I don't know how to talk to him about how horny I am all the time,
And about what I want for sex or anything like that.
The last time we had sex he finally did something different and he did a new position,
He spanked me, bit me, pulled my hair.
And talked dirty a little bit. It was amazing and a great change.
Now what I wanna know is how do I go about starting the conversation to talk to him about all of this.
I just feel like he isn't attracted to me in general because he will watch porn all the time or just search up naked pictures of people he thinks are attractive.
And it makes me feel bad.
I never get compliments from him.
If I try and talk to him about my appearance he just like blows it off and doesn't say anything to me 
I just need advice on how to talk to him and what to do.