Always dry

Hello ladies. I have a problem. Now let me say. My fiancé is the best I have been with in my life. He eats very very well(sorry tmi) and penetration is sooooooo on point. I'm 30 he's 28.. The way he makes me feel I've never felt ever with no other guy! He's amazing! Sorry again 😆 I love me some him. He's perfect😀 but anyway "Dry".. I'm always dry in the beginning "ALWAYS" most the time (because he loves doing it to me) he goes down first then put it in. Other guys I've never felt dry in the beginning. But with my faience (no he's never complained) I'm dry till he does what he got to do or (yuk I hate a lot but I dnt tell him stop/no) spits on his hand to put on himself before sticking in.. Hate with a passion but I want him to be pleased and happy. I'm pleased and love sex with him. I'm embarrassed, I hate that I kant be wet for him already so he dnt have to do so much to get me started!! Am I the only one?? What can I do?? What should I do?? I'm very sensitive down there so I cant really use a lot of diff lube. I have few I got from a pure romance party.. But it seems like we never have time to get lube out and keep it going.. HELP PLEASE!!! I hate tht I'm not soooo excited and wet when he wants to do it😩😔 he always says I'm the best and loves loves when were intimate!! 
Sorry for it being so long but need help!! Thanks in advance ladies💋