Any tips on how to stop yourself from crying when you’re being yelled at?!


So, in the office of my workplace is a shared computer, and when I went in to use it I saw a disciplinary file note on there for me for tomorrow! It was over a silly mistake on the system I’ve made that was entirely my fault, and I’m fine with taking criticism but my boss (a generally nice but a bit scary northern lady) YELLS. And as soon as I get yelled at I cry, and I wish I could not but I do every time! I hate it, and I know my boss hates it when I do that too, and I look so unprofessional but I can’t help it because it’s just how I react! My boss has said before she’ll try and be calmer but in the same way I can’t hold back tears, she can’t hold back yelling. Any tips on how to stop myself from crying when I get told off tomorrow?

Thanks! 😭