Help!! TTC


Very confused! I am 23 and I had my stillborn baby boy at 38weeks pregnant 4months ago and we have been ttc since 3weeks pp. (if you never had a stillbirth pls no rude comments on why we are trying so early) yes I have tried to relax, no I am not stressed, i have tried preseed early pp weeks then stopped using it, i have been taking prenatals, I have tried DTD everyday one month then switched to trying every other day now this month I have been more laid back about it and not thinking about it too much BUT yesterday I decided just to see if I was even ovulating yet (mind you this was my first ovulation test I have ever taken) so the line came back faint so it was ALMOST positive then I tested this morning and it was positive so I am ovulating on time, why have I not gotten pregnant yet? Any advice? (First picture is this morning, second photo is yesterday evening)