Still announce?


Tomorrow is my 30th birthday & I’ll be 14 weeks. I have an appointment set for an early gender scan that I’ve been planning on surprising my 9 year old daughter & mother in law with the news there. Now that the date is quickly approaching I’m starting to get nervous.

I had two miscarriages this past year, the first of which my daughter knew about & was completely heartbroken. Both of the losses were before 8 weeks though so I’ve never made it close to where I’m at now. I also had my nuchal scan last Friday & measurements were great. I was on progesterone this pregnancy which I am in the process of weaning off which is what I think scares me the most. I know the placenta is formed now but the progesterone has definitely been my “safety blanket”.

Do you still suggest surprising them with the news at my ultrasound or would you wait longer? I am definitely starting to show so I know I can’t hold off much longer regardless but I guess I’m just looking for any positive words of advice right now!