Tiny rant.

I love my midwife. Part of the reason I love her is her no BS approach to things, which I know my military significant other appreciates as well. She is very blunt, but I always feel like she puts me and baby first.

Today was my 32 week check up and I brought my FMLA paperwork, as it is due February 3rd. I got the impression she felt this was too soon to complete the paperwork. I explained I was taking an early maternity leave, starting March 1st (I am due March 20th). She immediately told me that she would encourage me to work up until the birth. I explained I have a high stress job in the mental health/child welfare field, and that I would like the time to relax and prepare before baby arrives. She told me it would only decrease my time with baby after birth. I then had to explain that after my 12 weeks of leave, I will return to work for two weeks and then leave my job. After that she didn’t pressure me anymore, but I felt like I shouldn’t have had to explain myself. It just made me uncomfortable, I suppose.

Anyways, just feeling a bit hormonal today I think. Ha.