2.5 years down... *trigger warning*


I met some 17 year old kid working at an Applebee’s three months after I moved to a new town. I didn’t think anything at the time; I was a single mom at 20 and suffering from undiagnosed bipolar 2, PTSD, depression, and anxiety... after three weeks, I began unloading myself onto you. I told you of my childhood traumas, I told you about when my spirit was broken at 5 years old. You understood more and more about me each day. After a month, you asked me to be your girlfriend.

I took this photo outside of my parent’s apartment when we were still babies. We were learning, growing, changing. Now look at us as adults. Engaged, living, thriving. Surviving off of each other. I lean on you when I start to bury myself in my mind, you lean on me when the weight of the world lies on your shoulders. ❤️

I have the same goofy smile on my face as I did two and a half years ago. We’re not babies anymore, we’re a family. I love you to the moon and back. ❤️