What a Disaster 🤦🏾‍♀️


We finally had our gender reveal yesterday and everything was going so smoothly. My decorations turned out well, the buffet reserved a room for us even though they don’t do reservations on weekends, and I had a pretty decent crowd. But of course something always has to blow up. Me and Dad are ready to cut the cake. I asked for 1 round strawberry cake with white buttercream and a full strawberry sheet cake. So everyone has their phones out recording, taking pictures and live streaming. My bf is holding the cake while im cutting it and My initial thought was “wow this cake is hard asf” 😂.

So I finally get the slice out and hold it up and the cake is white! Me and my bf are looking and looking and theres the slightest bit of pink in the icing. At this point both me and my bf are trying to keep a smile on our faces but the in the video we’re both looking like “wtf is this” because its not what we were expecting because it didn’t match at all what we had asked for.

Now everyones cheering the and happy and we get ready to serve the cake to our guests and my bf cuts into the sheet cake. Once again the cake is hard as a rock but when he took the slice out it looked weird. THE CAKE WAS RAW!!! My feelings were so hurt 🤦🏾‍♀️. We spent basically $300-$350 on cake for our guests and we couldn’t even serve them. And i was so embarrassed. But my family and his family reassured me it was ok and that the cake served its purpose. We’re taking the cake back and we are promised a full refund but we’ll see how tht goes. But on the bright side ITS A GIRL!!!!

You can literally see how doughy it is and the layers where its raw, almost finished, and then finished. Don’t mind my moms face she was pissed😂😂😂