Confused! Help?!

I'm so confused, don't know if it's my body changing or what?! So, my fiancé and I have been ttc for 7 months. I usually have a 27-29 day cycle, but last month for some reason it was 34 now this month, I'm on CD 32...weird! What's getting me is around 9 dpo I had very faint cramping on my left side off and on for about two days. On CD 27 I had a little spotting when I wiped and last night, CD 31, I blead a little when we BD'ed, but that's it, nothing after. I want to wait till after CD 34 to test so I'm not disappointed if I have another long cycle. Has anyone experienced anything like this then got a bfp? Could it be possible? Just seems a little weird. TIA