Are my feelings valid or am I just petty

My bf and I are long distance, when he hangs out with friends they always do adventurous fun things. And when I visit him all he wants to do is hang out at the house or go to dinner and a movie. I only see him every few months he's in the army. He tells me he's going on a snowboarding trip valentines weekend and asks if I'd go visit him and he'd just hang out with me instead. My response was why couldn't we go do something like that and go snowboarding and he said no. I asked what we would do if I went over (plane rides are very expensive) he just said he'd figure it out. But I know we wouldn't do anything just hang out at the house.

Like why can't we do fun things when we're together.. ugh.. when he comes home I always have things planned that we end up canceling because other things come up. I talked to him and he just gets annoyed. I'm not controlling him and telling him not to hang out with friends I just want to do things other than just walking around a mall.

Am I just being dumb here or am I making sense?? !