I’m so confused...help!


First time trying to conceive and first time on this app. I don’t know all the lingo yet. I have had one miscarriage and I do have a beautiful almost 3 year old daughter. But we’ve been trying for another for 3 months now.

So here we go. My periods are regular normally 30 day cycle. They had been coming on the 5th or 6th every month for a year or more. So December I started the 5th and went my normal 5 days. Then I had another period the December 28th and it only lasted 3 days. I though that was weird so I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. The app told me I should take a pregnancy test a few days ago so I did and it was also negative. I am now late for my period but I am having on and off cramping. I don’t want to take another test because it is mentally draining.

I have not gotten into taking ovulation test and checking my body temp and all that yet, but I’m pretty much to that point if I’m not pregnant this month. Lead me in the right direction please I’m so depressed about all of this already and I’ve only just begun.