A little worried 😢

Courtney • Mama 👧🏼👼🏻 Pregnant with our rainbow baby boy 🌈🤰🏻💙 Basically married Canadian

Baby is 11 weeks and 4 days. Yesterday I noticed I had some dark red and brown blood, I had brown blood before at about 6 weeks but seeing the dark red worried me much more.

There’s minimal now, not that there was lots to begin with but it’s slowed down significantly and its no longer red at all.

Anyone have this and still have a healthy pregnancy or is this a beginning sign of miscarriage ?

I’ve had cramps all yesterday and today, only when I’m up and moving so I’ve been laying down for most of the day. They’re the kind of cramps that are almost a dull ache all across, not sharp or to one specific side.

My next ultrasound is February 4th !

If anyone has any suggestions or just some comforting words, that would be amazing 💕