So emotional!

Becky 💙💗💙

I’m 38 weeks. Please tell me I’m not the only one bawling their eyes out! I’m sad that my oldest won’t be my only son anymore and that my daughter won’t be the baby anymore. I’m sad I have 7 more days until I deliver. I’m sad everyone keeps saying what day works for them on my delivery. But mostly I’m sad that everyone is still suggesting names like the one I chose isn’t good-enough! My other two kids are teenagers, 17 and 14 and were teasing me on names today and I actually shut off my phone because the messages were making me sob 😭. Now I can’t quit crying because I’m thinking about all these factors and I’m hungry! I feel

Ike a pig this past week! Please Lord give me strength.

Anyone else like this?

How far along and what are you having? Mine is a boy 💙