Anxiety today


So. My little love bug inside of me is a trooper. I’ve been so stressed and anxious recently (just have so much on my mind) and I’ve been feeling wet the last few days and thought okay probably pee discharge sweat whatever but today I woke up used the bathroom and it just seemed like I was too wet. Nothing ever soaked my underwear never soaked a pad or felt gushes or dripping down my legs anything like that but I BROKE DOWN. Thank god my husband was home no work today, he told me to call out and call my doctor. I did; we went in around 11. Blood pressure through the roof they told me to just stop and breathe.

My doctor did the exam, not amniotic fluid. Cervix good and closed, no sign of water leakage she said most likely discharge because it wasn’t fluid. THANK GOD. she told me to take a few minutes to breathe and relax and she would come back to check my blood pressure, when she did it was back down to normal.

Very long post to say everything is fine, baby Luna is good mommy is good.

I’m sick of this anxiety, it’s making me worried about post partum and I haven’t even had her yet. I hate feeling like I’m overreacting but at least I know my water isn’t leaking