Valentine day ( a bit long)


So today I asked my boyfriend if he has any plans for valentines day. At first he made a joke that we are going to nee York. But then I asked him about it again and he said it's all depends on his son. Theb he explained that hum and his son usally spend Valentine's day together.

Which I understand that his son is first.

I asked him what they usally do together and he said go to the surgur shack or stay home etc... I cant tell if he was serious or not . They he explained that maybe we can go out for brunch. He said we will see.

The thing is that when he says that it usally means that he is pushing it on the sides or he forgets

I'm abit hurt to be honest because by his body language. It seemed like is was nothing . Another thing that I thought of is that if the 3 of us do go for brunch . Do I need to pretend that I'm ot dating my boyfriend while we are at our brunch, it's not something I want to do on Valentine's day.

It's our first valentines day together. I really wanted it to be special.

I bought him his gift and card already which cost 330$ ( couples massage) And a lingerie.

I dont know what to do . Sorry if it seems dramatic. I'm having alot on anxiety. I'm thinking of not bringing it up and see. It's almost 1 year that we have been dating. Im not sure if I should ask him if his son knows or not about us.