Sister lost her husband


Couldn't find a good place to post this but thought this group might be closer than others.

My sister lost her husband 5 years ago this weekend to a heart attack. She has 3 kids and it completely changed their lives. The kids have grown up a little since then and she's held together pretty well, hasn't really had a boyfriend or anything since he passed.

So over the weekend she was texting --my family has a "group chat" that we text to catch up or make plans or just talk sometimes-- and she was talking about how she can't believe it's been 5 years. Talking about some sad stuff. I just thought we as a family should do something to keep her and the kids from being bummed/lonely this weekend. I texted my brother to see if he had any ideas for something to do and he wondered if it would be appropriate to do something as if to make it like an "anniversary" or "holiday". I definitely don't want to make it seem like a happy occasion that he's gone! I do want to be there to support her since she seems a little more down this year. We didn't really do anything in past years, and when he did pass my siblings and I took her out to a restaurant to just have a break from the grief.

Does anyone have ideas for something that you could do that can lift her and the kids up but not make it like a "holiday"?

Kids are 9, 12, and 15.

Any ideas are very appreciated! ❤️