Female friend too close?

Long-ish explanation

So I've been with my guy for a while now and I'm not jealous of anything or anyone. I joke all the time about beating up his ex girlfriends because hes mine now and it's all in good fun, he knows im just being silly.

We often hang out with his best friend and his girlfriend. Now my man has known this girl for longer than hes known me, and they are good friends. She loves her boyfriend and has been with him longer than she's known my boyfriend, so I know theres nothing to be worried about.

BUT! I really want to tell my boyfriend to sort of step back from their closeness a little bit. I'm not saying to stop being friend by any means, I love the girl and shes a good friend of mine now too, but sometimes when we are all drinking they get a little too touchy for my liking.

Examples are, one time she cut her fingers on some broken glass and he immediately rushed her off to the bathroom to clean her hand and bandage it up. EDIT: Her boyfriend was right there ready to help as well as another female friend, but my boyfriend insisted on helping her even as she tried to refuse it 🤷‍♀️ (this is to that sarcastic comment)

Another time she was feeding him some hot chips and he accidentally bit her finger. (They were pretty drunk).

And just other stuff like her taking his hat off him or pulling him up to dance when hes just sitting down for a moment.

AM I OVERREACTING?!?!?! I just want to mention to him that maybe they should stop some of this behavior but it's normal to them so I feel like I'm being silly or jealous