Prayers for patience

Today after feeding my week old son in bed I laid him next to me. Next thing I know he peed through his diaper. 😩 I stripped the bed and took them to the washer. My comforter is so big and it heavy it literally took 4 hours to dry. Then I had to dry the sheets and mattress protector. Ended up spending all day doing this. I get my bed all nice and set up and laid down for about 30 minutes. My little one had peed through his diaper again (I was giving huggies a second change since the hospital sent us home with 1000. ) Put him on the bed to change him so I don’t have to get out of bed. Big mistake. He peed all over the fresh bed and his last halo sleep sack. I then get him situated and asleep then the cat starts acting a fool. I ended up finding a sleep sack! He’s asleep now and I’m worried about moving him to his bassinet because I’m scared he will wake up. The point of this post is I admit I need more patience tonight. My sweet angel needs me. Needs me to feed him, change him and comfort him. I pray all you mommas have strength and patience tonight when your little ones are testing you and wearing your nerves thin. Pray for me moving him to his bassinet 😂