Anything will help.!!!


So last night my husband and I where in the middle of sex and all of a sudden he wasn’t hard anymore, in the 6 yrs that we have been together this is the 2nd time that it’s happened.

The 1st time he was taking care of me and when I went to return the favor i noticed he wasn’t hard anymore and he said it was because he was to focused on me and that I normally play with it while he doing things to me and well that totally killed the mood.

Last night he took care of me and I was playing with it so he wouldn’t go soft and it worked but while I was on top i felt that after a little it wasn’t hard anymore. I got off and he looked at IT and the at me and all he said was “Why do you get like that” like if I didn’t have a reason to feel some type of way. Anyway after that we didn’t say anything to each other and went to bed.

I’m not mad or at lest I don’t think I am I mean I kind of don’t feel anything for what happened, is it normal and is it right for me to want him to come and talk to me about it 1st?