12+3 Days - At hospital getting my cerclage placed


In July 18 I lost my baby to IC and got pregnant shortly after in November.

I’m currently 12+3 and have been on top of every symptom or thing that doesn’t feel right or normal.

I’ve been getting checkups every 2 weeks and knowing we would be placing a cerclage by 14 weeks.

I started spotting, brown, on Jan 16 and off to the ER we go. Diagnosed with low lying placenta. Spotting brown on and off continually. Prescribed pelvic rest. Routine check up the 24th and cervix is closed and long no changes since the last time. On the 27th I start feeling heaviness in my abdomen, no pain or pressure and along with that a yeast infection 🤮 well better be safe than sorry and to the ER again as my doctors are waiting and don’t want to miss anything if at all possible.

U/S and check ups again but this time my cervix did change a slight bit so now I’m admitted and waiting for my cerclage to be placed today.

Listen to your body as you can see my cervix changed in a matter of days. I feel like I’m constantly bothering my doctors office but I don’t care I’m doing everything possible to have my baby.

Wish me luck!