Test infection- Monistat or yogurt tampon?

Ok so this is my husband’s first month trying to conceive. I got a positive ovulation surge on my equate ovulation test yesterday so I was excited to “baby dance” with my husband when I got home from work. HOWEVER when I got home I noticed my vagina was swollen, red, and itched, and burned. This morning the swelling has gone down but still red itchy and burning. I went to Walmart and got a bunch of things. I got a infection tester and it came back that I most likely have a yeast infection. So I bought a lot of yogurt. I wanted to get the original but the only thing I found was light and fit original Greek vanilla yogurt. I read that inserting a yogurt tampon can help. I would like to do a natural way since my husband and I are trying to conceive. I heard that Monistat can make it hard for the sperm to swim. But on the other hand since I was not able just to find plain yogurt I’m afraid the sugar in the yogurt will cause the infection to get worse. So what do I do? I bought Monistat 3 and I also have a yogurt soaked tampon in the fridge. Do I do a Monistat or the tampon? Also I bought a clear blue ovulation test and it says I’m not fertile which is odd because yesterday’s equate test showed the surge line extremely bold.