When? Wait? What? Why?

Randee • Mom of 8yr old boy and trying for #2 finally

I am sure most of the ladies on here can relate to some extent.

We wait for that perfect special time to bd. We track anything and everything and test every day in hopes of catching that perfect timing.

We then wait. Some so patiently, others, well my self included test, test, test. Is this my month, I really hope it is.

All of you lovelies getting that bfp, 8dpo, 9dpo, 10dpo you give us hope but crush it at the same time. We are so happy for you but jealous at the same time.

What is this? Is it a line, indent, evap, what the hell is it? We want it so bad our eyes don't know what they see.

Then the negative tests come in, we are not out until af shows. By the end we just want her to show so we can try again. Hey, wait is this af or something else?

Finally af comes. We are sad, deflated, angry, upset and question everything we did. Then we make a new plan of attack for the next, wait, what, why and always wonder when it will be our time.