Should I tell his mom about his grandchildren?

I’ve posted about this a couple times so sorry to anyone that’s seen my last couple post... but long story short I had my twins early January. The father and I had a casual relationship in April when I got pregnant, and it turned out he had a girlfriend that was also expecting. I never met his mom, but I messaged his gf when I found her on Facebook months later in November, and ever since then he’s been very upset/rude to me.

Now that they’re here, I thought that it would be good if his mom was aware that he has twins. Theyre such precious babies and I wanted to know their other grandmother, especially since I don’t have any family but my mom in this country. Would it be okay to send his mom a message with pictures of them on Facebook introducing myself and them? If so, what should I say? Or should I just forget it? I really want them to have the opportunity to know her, but I asked him and he says that’s “forcing them on me” and I’m worried he’ll get very upset if I tell her. I know for sure he will never tell his mom, as she may even want him to be involved.

I’m planning to take him to court for child support and then telling her after, even with DNA test results if need be. He also told me when they were a week old he “doesn’t want to be in their lives” and I have a screenshot of that. so it’s been really rough.

She seems nice from what I’ve gathered but not sure..

Any advice?

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