Anyone else? Any thoughts?


I haven't posted in about 8 here is goes:

My husband and I have been ttc for over two years. This time last year I had a mc at 9weeks. I am on day 32 of my cycle and 2 days late. I have taken a pregnancy test every day for the last 3 days and they all came back negative.

I don't have my hopes up because of all of the negatives in the past. I just don't feel anything. I wanted this to be a joyful process where I would be strengthing my relationship with my husband however it is doing quite the opposite.

I am 31 and I know I am not old but my husband and I wanted 4-6 kids and I slowly see our dream going away. My husband had a sperm test done and it was fine so I feel all of this pressure like it is my fault. I guess what I am asking is if anyone else is in this boat?

Also, I know I am not "out" until af shows up but I don't have any symptoms either way. Any thoughts?

Thanks Everyone for listening