29+5 Sent to Labor and Delivery....Again

Kourtny • 28 - married - C.R.G ❤️ Born 4.4.19

Two weeks ago I was sent to labor and delivery for a possible amniotic leak. It was negative - we were sent home fine.

Today I was at work - I teach so it’s not exactly strenuous - and was doubling over every time the baby moved. It happened pretty frequently in the 3 hours I was at work. I was put on a monitor and there were contractions coming through. However, my cervix is closed so I wasn’t in active labor. They ruled out appendicitis and I was negative for a UTI. They are chalking it up to having a strong baby and when he kicks they are so strong they’re giving my uterus contractions. I feel so stupid because I call for these things and it turns out to be nothing. Has anyone else had this? This is my first pregnancy so I’m learning what’s normal. I’m just feeling lost now.