Ovulating on day 23 of cycle with clomid


So I started clomid 50 mg last month and my doctor told me to take it day 5-9 and take ovulation test day 10-20 so I did. I never ovulated on day 10-20 so I continued taking ovulation test and actually ovulated on day 23 and my cycle was 37 days. So should I call my doctor since I didn't ovulate day 10-20 or no? And when I went in I just told my doctor that I had been TTC for a year and she put me on clomid and told me to come back in 6 months if no success. She didn't do any kind of testing or blood work or anything. So another question is when any of you ladies took clomid did your doctor do testing before you were put on clomid or did you have check up appts while taking it? Anything is helpful..TIA