Hi there moms! Let me tell you my recent story. 4 days ago before going to bed, I was pumping and when I took my bra off, I realized my left breast was painful, I was wondering why. On the next day, I had a fever (by that time, my 10 month old had the flu, so he also had a fever) so I thought I must have caught the flu also. I was all day with fever and a headache and of course, my breast was worse than the day before. Right now I don’t have insurance, so I thought it would go all away with Advil (yeah right). On the third day, still with fever and my breast was KILLING ME! I started to think that I may have mastitis 🤔 so I did a research of the symptoms. Yesterday, I had no fever thank God, but I started to pump and I saw pus on my milk (4 days after). I got really scared, desperate and nervous because I had no idea of what to do!!! So I had no choice of making an appointment with the gynecologist (without insurance). So I went today and the nurse said that my breast was very hot, and she said that she would give me two antibiotics (she did not let me finish on telling her that my milk had pus). So when I told her, her reaction was like OMG! So at the end she told me that if by Friday I don’t feel better after the antibiotics, I’ll have to go to a breast specialist because maybe I have an abscess and they will have to drain it, because if they don’t, she said that the pus may go inside my blood vessels! I am so scared of whats going on, especially when I don’t have insurance idk if everything is going to be SO EXPENSIVE. Has anybody had this situation before? (BTW, as I mentioned in the top, I had my son 10 months ago)