The last 24 hrs. TMI & kinda long sorry


So last night a friend and I went to the mall to walk around for a bit, well I started having contractions from walking around so we went home. I was at home by myself and went to bed around 11. I got maybe 20 minutes of sleep when I wake up and just felt like total crap, well I went to the bathroom and suddenly I got violently sick! So after throwing everything up I took a shower hoping it would make me feel better. Well I got out of the shower immediately got sick again and every time I’d throw up id have a contraction. So I finally called the same friend that I walked with to take me to L&D. This was around 12:30am yesterday. We get there they draw blood test urine and I’m showing signs of preeclampsia. And while I’m in triage the diarrhea hits as well. They then check my cervix to find out if I’m progressing and I’m a really hard check so that was a cherry on top. Then they have to do another urine sample...okay I need to pee anyways. Well they had to do it through a catheter and holy buckets that hurts! And right before I leave I get super sick again. So they came to the conclusion I had some sort of stomach flu, a UTI, and possibly preeclampsia. Currently still doing my 24 hr urine catch. And my sweet husband got to come home early. He is such a blessing. ❤️