Super emotional and teary


Hey beautiful lady,

Big shout out to everyone trying and struggling. With fertility, job, housework, childcare, bills, mental health, physical health and self love man. Remember that you rock and fucking got this. The sun will shine and darkness is never indefinite okay? You deserve a beautiful life, and you will get one.

Whether it's been 2 months or 10 months, it's hard.

I'm on 7dpo and my breasts are killing me and I literally just cried at a video of a grilled cheese sandwich. So I think AF is on her way once again. And that's making me feel worse.

So buckle up Ladies, and let's roll on the next ovulation!

Just wanted to share my "irrationality" with you all...

Baby dust to every single one of you

Much love,

A very teary, actually crying right this second, Claire

Mrs. RT