Is this normal or common?


Okay so I had an OBGYN appt on Thursday where I got no blood work done, all she did was feel my uterus and tell me I was 7 weeks 6 days: Said everything felt how it should and that I can get bloodwork when I was 12 weeks. I didn’t think it was right so I scheduled an appt at an ultrasound place for today and I was expecting to see something completely different. It wasn’t the 8 week ultrasound I thought I was getting but it also doesn’t look like the 6 week ultrasounds I’ve seen, either.. I don’t see anything in the sac at all. She said I was measuring 5 weeks 6 days. The tech scheduled me to come back in 1-2 weeks (my choice) for another ultrasound to make sure there was some growth. There was a heartbeat of 125 bpm but I just don’t see anything in the sac and it’s making feel extremely discouraged.