Is this what I think it is ❤️❤️

So story time, me and my hubby have been TCC and we actually got pregnant in September. Well we went in for out 12 weeks ultrasound (Nov 25) and found out our baby passed about 2 weeks prior and we had no idea.

THANKFULLY there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and I am SUPER SUPER healthy. It was just a fluke and we were devastated.

When AF came back we were so excited to try again. And all this week I just haven’t been feeling myself. I told my self I would wait until AF was due to test but I couldn’t contain myself. 11 DPO first picture was taken at 3 min and second taken at 7 min.

*showed hubby and he said “we will just have to see”.

Prayers and good vibes for our rainbow baby please.

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