Idk you, but I’m proud of you!

Elizabeth • Kyro & Kruz 💙 coming soon

I don’t hear enough of thank you, or I’m proud of you but I’m here to tell all you ladies that I am proud of you.

I don’t know what you did, what you’re doing, how you’re doing but whatever it is, I AM PROUD OF YOU.

We don’t get enough credit for being women, for being a mom, for working long and intense jobs, for caring, for showing affection and being there for others.

We don’t get enough credit for acknowledging others hurt when no one else acknowledge ours.

We can walk around deeply aching inside and still find a way to make another’s day better.

We can help someone out financially, and cry about being broke later but because we blessed someone.

We just don’t get the credit we deserve for all the shit we do and put up with. We simply don’t. I’m here to say,

Yassssss bitch!!! Keep at it & most of all sis, I’M PROUD OF YOU.