Do I text her??

So I met my friend back in September 2017, at the dog park. She had just gotten engaged and we bonded over our dogs. She became my best friend, we talked all the time, opened up to each other, laughed, everything. Then we started going to the gym together and talking about eating healthier and when she was down (which was less often then I was) I’d give her the best advice I could. They are getting married in Mexico in March and initially we weren’t invited (the BF and I) because we’d just met, but as we grew closer she talked it over with her fiancé (who I also got to know) and they sent us an invitation. We had all the plans to go, until money became an issue and now we can’t go. Anyways, I went to their combined shower a few months ago. We also moved out of the apartment complex and into a house, so I haven’t seen her as much. She did tell me at one point that she felt like I hadn’t been as good of a friend of her as she had been to me and I agree, I can get wrapped up in my own shit and forget about other people, but I’ve really been trying to be a better friend to her. So tonight I’m on social media and find out that tonight is her bachelorette party, which I didn’t receive an invitation to. Definitely feeling left out, but I could see how maybe I haven’t been the best friend to her lately so she didn’t invite me (although I’m just speculating).

My question is do I text her?? I was gonna send her “Congratulations on your bachelorette party!!” But I’m second guessing it now since I don’t want it coming across as bitchy or passive aggressive or anything like that. I mean it sucks that I found out on social media, but I genuinely am happy for her. I could use your ladies’ insights. Thanks!!

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